Apply for a Grant

If you are interested in applying for a grant from our foundation, please send us a brief introduction and letter of intent via email.  If your program fits within the bounds of our mission, we will set up a site visit to meet with the director or administrator of the program seeking funds.  After a site visit, we may give an invitation for a grant proposal.

If you are submitting a proposal to our foundation, please include:

  • Name, mission and vision of institution
  • Name of director and/or applicant
  • Program description
  • Short description of your request
  • How our investment will contribute to our areas of interest
  • Other foundation donors to the program and amounts given or solicited
  • Current members of the Board of Trustees

The types of grants that we support include:

  • Operating support
  • Program support
  • Internships, scholarships and camperships support
  • Capital campaign support

We accept grants requests only from 501-C3 non-profit organizations.  We ask that no requests for the current year be made after mid-November.  Annual fund requests have a better chance of being funded by our foundation if they are sent in the spring.  The foundation does make multi-year grants to institutions. Our policy is then to take at least a year off from funding an organization after a multi-year grant cycle is completed, excluding operating grants.  The foundation trustees meet three times per year at their discretion, so there are no formal deadlines for requests.

If a grant request is approved, the foundation occasionally asks for a grant report:

Grant Reporting Form


Photo of the Cleveland Institute of Art.